What to look for when choosing Sunshine Coast web hosting

There are many website hosting companies that offer Australian website hosting, and the choice can often be confusing.

While choosing local Australian-based hosting obviously has a lot of benefits to those that international hosting solutions provides, such as local hosting support, and usually better prices now, with the current exchange rate in mind.

But how do you compare ‘apples to apples’ when it comes to local web hosting services, particularly on the Sunshine Coast.

the Sunshine Coast doesn’t have a lot of locally based web hosting solutions, and many offer ridiculously priced plans while giving very little space. Due to lack of competition, many believe they can charge what they want when they have the monopoly of the local market.

But it is good to know what you SHOULD BE PAYING, and the service you SHOULD BE RECEIVING for your local Sunshine Coast web hosting plan.

Sunshine Coast web hosting


Let’s start with the most commonly asked question…how much should I be paying for Sunshine Coast web hosting?

Well, this should totally depend on what services and the amount of space you are getting with your plan. You’ll find prices greatly vary amongst local Web hosting providers on the Sunshine Coast, offering anywhere from $5 per month through to around $44 per month.

But what you really want to look for is what you get for that monthly price….


This is obviously the most important, as you want to ensure your website and email accounts will fit in the allocated hosting plan. At Host Easy we offer 150GB of space on our Basic Starter Plan, which includes 100 email accounts and unlimited bandwidth, on a shared Linux server. This is popular with many Sunshine Coast businesses, and more than enough space to ensure you have plenty of room for a large website as well as backups.

But would you believe that other Sunshine Coast hosting services are charging more than $40 per month for a tenth of the Host Easy web hosting plan and a cap on the bandwidth?

And they also limit the number of databases available to just a few. This means that if you have a complex website that requires a couple of databases to run different functionality, you would need to upgrade!

And if you don’t have enough hosting space available for backups, you’re at risk of corrupting the database of your website if you hit the hosting space limit.

It’s a no brainer… why pay 4 times the price for a tenth of the space when Host Easy offers the same premium service with a lot more, and local Sunshine Coast technical support.

It pays to shop around!


This is a key factor when choosing any website hosting plan. Almost every hosting provider will offer a 999% uptime guarantee, however, there are many other factors that can come into play if your website goes down, such as plugin updates if you’re running a WordPress site.

HostEasy is run by a team with over 2 decades of web design experience, so if your website goes down for any reason at all, we‘ll take a look at it immediately and in most cases, we can find the solution while you’re on the phone. The 24/7 support is 100% free!

And we’ll even show you how to backup your website to ensure even in the worst-case scenario your website will be fine.


There are many Sunshine Coast hosting providers that will claim to have great security, but as a web designer, I know for a fact that a number of them regularly have their sites hacked.

Host Easy is proud to say that to date we have not had one client that has had their website or email hosting compromised in any way. And if we spot anything that is even remotely suspicious, we’ll call or email the client and let them know, to ensure we prevent any issues before they occur.


Host Easy is one of the few hosting services on the Sunshine Coast that offers top-level SEO solutions. In fact, type in just about any Sunshine Coast location with the term ‘Web Hosting’ after it into Google and you’ll probably find us on the first page. We are quite literally the number one hosting solution for the Sunshine Coast in many locations!

And you’ll find our hosting is designed for speed and stability and to rank well on the search engines, whether it be a Linux or Windows hosting plan you need. Add a little SEO to your site, and you’ll find that combined with the performance our hosting plans offer, your website will usually outrank your local competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out our Sunshine Coast hosting plans online, and feel free to call us direct and chat about your hosting needs before signing up.

We’ll never do the hard sell on you. That’s not what we are about. What we are about though is providing the very best in website hosting solutions to local Sunshine Coast businesses.

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