Choosing the Best Website Hosting for Small Business: Features, Prices and More

Choosing the right website hosting for your business or personal site can be a difficult process.

There are so many features and options to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start! In this article, we will discuss some of the best hosts out there, including their pros and cons. We’ll also talk about pricing and other important considerations like local support.

When choosing a good small business hosting provider, here are the 4 primary things you should look for:


How much does the hosting cost? You want your host to offer a price that is competitive with other hosts on the market, but not so low as to be suspicious.

Not all web hosting plans are the same, so you can’t really choose them purely on price. Some of the cheaper plans can actually offer a lot more than more expensive plans at other companies.

For instance, on the Sunshine Coast HostEasy provide you with 150GB of storage for under $100 a year from their Australian based servers, while Suncoast Web Hosting charge more than double that for less than a quarter of the hosting space.

So the price really comes down to what your needs are and what benefits your hosting provider can offer.

The advantage to HostEasy is how much we charge for our services…we are very competitively priced

Quality of support:

The Quality of the Support is possibly the most important aspect of any hosting service. You want to ensure you have the ability to talk to someone local (not some foreigner with a bad english accent!), and you want them to know what you are talking about so they can assist.

Once of the biggest advantages of choosing HostEasy is that our team have also been in web development for two decades, so we pretty much can tell you immediately where the issue is, and if it is hosting related or actually a website issue.

A majority of the time a slow website will actually be a website issue, not a hosting issue. Our team are happy to take a look at this for you at no extra charge.

Server space:

As mentioned earlier, this is something you need to consider early on as you don’t want to choose a hosting package with not enough room to grow your site.

And while your website might only be small, you want to keep into consideration your backup strategy, potentially uploading videos at a later stage, or other large files you light need to upload. If you run out of space due to a large upload or backup it can potentially crash your database and lose your website.

At HostEasy our smallest plan starts with a huge 150GB of space, which is more than most other local hosting service provide, and if you do need to upgrade at any time you’ll find our prices are extremely competitive, offering plans of 500GB and even an unlimited plan for a fraction of the cost of most of our competitors.

We don’t provide cheap web hosting, their hosting is just overpriced!

Website knowledge.

While most hosting companies offer hosting support, HostEasy also have many years experience in building websites. So we can provide you with the best advice before starting your website, assist in setting up your emails correctly for your business structure, and plenty of other general advice that you might want to consider before building your site. We can even build your website for you if you like, via our sister web design agency Smartfish Creative.

So when you are looking for a hosting company that offers real local support at a competitive price, make sure you call Host Easy first…your Australian Hosting company for business!

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