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CountryDomainTermPrice AUD
Albania.al1 Year$169.73
American Samoa.as2 Years$348.16
Anguilla.ai2 Years$378.00
Antigua And Barbuda.ag1 Year$155.25
Ascension Island.ac1 Year$97.13
Asia.asia1 Year$24.80 Year$14.80
Australia.melbourne1 Year$71.55
Australia.sydney1 Year$71.55 Year$14.80 Year$14.80 Year$14.80
Australia.asn.au1 Year$14.80
Austria.wien1 Year$58.80
Austria.at1 Year$22.01
Austria.tirol1 Year$45.50
Austria.or.at1 Year$22.01 Year$22.01
Bahamas.bs2 Years$1,620.00
Belarus.by1 Year$108.50
Belgium.vlaanderen1 Year$48.93
Belgium.brussels1 Year$48.93
Belgium.be1 Year$10.83
Belize.bz1 Year$38.48
Bolivia.bo1 Year$580.50
Botswana.bw1 Year$936.23
British Indian Ocean Territory.io1 Year$108.00
Cameroon.cm1 Year$198.38
Central African Republic.cf1 Year$83.03
Chile.cl1 Year$21.53 Year$23.17
China.cn1 Year$22.40 Year$23.17 Year$23.17
Christmas Island.cx1 Year$32.33
Cocos Is..cc1 Year$54.22
Costa Rica.cr1 Year$284.18
Cuba.cu1 Year$1,631.48
Czech Republic.cz1 Year$42.63
Democratic Republic of the Congo.cd1 Year$147.08
Denmark.dk1 Year$15.42
Djibouti.dj1 Year$175.43
Dominica.dm1 Year$606.08
Dominican Republic.do1 Year$175.43
Ecuador.ec1 Year$263.93 Year$10.85
England.uk1 Year$10.85
England.london1 Year$57.24 Year$10.85 Year$10.85
Estonia.ee1 Year$168.87
Europe.eu1 Year$10.46
France.bzh1 Year$107.39
France.fr1 Year$14.69
France.paris1 Year$89.03
Germany.de1 Year$10.70
Germany.hamburg1 Year$70.20
Germany.koeln1 Year$21.60
Germany.cologne1 Year$21.60
Germany.versicherung1 Year$287.00
Germany.bayern1 Year$51.17
Germany.saarland1 Year$38.37
Germany.nrw1 Year$65.10
Global Tv.tv1 Year$54.00
Hong Kong.hk1 Year$39.37
Hong Year$39.37
Hong Kong.idv.hk1 Year$23.92
India.in1 Year$11.63 Year$7.75 Year$7.75 Year$7.75
India.ind.in1 Year$7.75 Year$201.50
Indonesia.id1 Year$83.70
Ireland.ie1 Year$38.75
Ireland.irish1 Year$21.00
Isle of Man.im1 Year$26.35
Isle of Year$26.35
Isle of Year$26.35
Isle of Year$26.35
Isle of Year$26.35
Italy.it1 Year$13.22
Japan.kyoto1 Year$106.25
Japan.nagoya1 Year$17.39
Japan.tokyo1 Year$17.39
Japan.osaka1 Year$54.18
Japan.okinawa1 Year$17.39
Japan.yokohama1 Year$17.39
Japan.jp1 Year$150.27
Liechtenstein.li1 Year$13.87
Lithuania.lt1 Year$20.93
Luxembourg.lu1 Year$34.02
Malaysia.my1 Year$126.33 Year$209.25 Year$210.03 Year$124.00
Mexico.mx1 Year$69.32 Year$69.32 Year$69.32
Mongolia.mn1 Year$89.82
Montenegro.me1 Year$13.93
Netherlands.nl1 Year$10.82
New Zealand.nz1 Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
New Zealand.gen.nz1 Year$27.20
New Zealand.geek.nz1 Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
New Zealand.maori.nz1 Year$27.20
New Year$27.20
Niue.nu1 Year$24.30
Norway.no1 Year$18.77 Year$137.95
Philippines.ph1 Year$137.95 Year$137.95 Year$137.95 Year$23.25
Poland.pl1 Year$27.37
Poland.priv.pl1 Year$23.25 Year$23.25 Year$23.25 Year$23.25 Year$23.25 Year$23.25
Puerto-Rico.pr1 Year$2,295.00
Republic of the Congo.cg1 Year$946.28
Russia.ru1 Year$48.53
Saint Lucia.lc1 Year$36.38
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.vc1 Year$56.03
Samoa.ws1 Year$36.45
Scotland.scot1 Year$33.75
Seychelles.sc1 Year$155.25 Year$54.25
Singapore.sg1 Year$54.25 Year$56.58 Year$56.58 Year$56.58
Singapore.per.sg1 Year$29.37
Sint Maarten.sx1 Year$41.18
Somalia.so1 Year$108.34
South Year$7.16
Spain.es1 Year$12.32
Suriname.sr1 Year$72.83
Switzerland.ch1 Year$13.87
Switzerland.swiss1 Year$198.10
Tokelau.tk2 Years$28.48
United Arab Emirates.ae1 Year$55.35
United States.us1 Year$13.43
United States.miami1 Year$26.98
United States.la1 Year$61.92
Wales.cymru1 Year$21.47
Wales.wales1 Year$21.47
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