HostEasy is a registered Australian trademark, held by Christopher John Bourke of Genetiqe Pty Ltd

Class: 42

Creating and designing web pages for others;
Creating and designing web pages for others, including creating virtual communities for registered users to interact and participate in discussions;
Creating and designing website based others;
Creating and maintaining weblogs (blogs) for others;
Creating indexes of online websites and information sources;
Creating indexes of web-based information for searching purposes;
Hosting computer sites (web sites);
Hosting of weblogs (blogs);
Online provision of web-based applications (non-downloadable);
Online provision of web-based software (non-downloadable);
Rental of web servers; Web portal services (designing or hosting);
Web site design; Web site design consultancy

HostEasy is also registered to Genetiqe Pty Ltd. ABN: 55 165 721 595

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Host Easy Web Hosting
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